Ten Feet Tall

by Zac Price

Released 2018
Released 2018
Zac's new album, Ten Feet Tall, contains music about love, relationships, his grandpa, summertime jams, and even songs about sticking it to the man! This album is a real treat and a must have if you're a country music fan!
Described as a soulful voice containing influences from the likes of Travis Tritt, Chris Stapleton, Eric Church, and many others along those lines; Zac has always tried to bring his lyrics to life by singing from the heart. His songs are packed with real life experiences and words that anyone could relate to. He brings to the table a mix of modern/real country music with a mix of soul with big hopes of playing his songs on The Big Stage for the world to hear.

"Hey folks, it's Zac, I just wanted to take the time to tell everyone that i truly and deeply appreciate all the love and support that I have gotten from each and everyone of you. It is my mission to make sure that everyone knows that without you .... I would not be able to do what I do. I really hope that this album touches the hearts of everyone who hears it and I hope that it brings back your own personal memories to make a story of your own with each song. I just want the world to hear my music and I hope that it touches you enough to spread the word about it. Thank you all so much!'